How to change the image enhancement (color, B&W…)

To change the enhancement:

Tap on the enhancement button.
Change the enhancement

Change the default enhancement for all scans

Go the the ☰ Menu
 Open Settings
In General, select "Default Enhancement" and pick the one you want for all future scans.

What are the different enhancements available?

Genius Scan attempts to detect the best enhancement to apply to your document, but you can always change it. Here are a few tips on which enhancement to use:

Enhancement What Genius Scan does Good for …
None No enhancement will be applied You want to keep the original untouched.
Black and White Genius Scan clears up the background and turn the scan into black and white. Mostly black and white documents such as receipts, contracts, official documents etc.
Color Genius Scan clears up the background but keeps the colors. Mostly black and white documents with some color: documents with letterheads, logos, whiteboards…
Photo Genius Scan bumps up the colors so that the photo looks very vivid. Postcards, photographs, paintings…

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