What is the difference between Genius Scan and Genius Scan+?

Genius Scan+ is packed with additional features:

  • More export options: With Genius Scan+, you can export to Google Cloud Print, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneNote. It supports any application installed on your device that can take in a file.
  • Auto export. If you turn on Auto-Export, your documents will be automatically exported to selected apps and services just as you edit them.
  • More secure. You can protect the app with a passcode and encrypt PDF documents with a password.
  • Smart Document Names. Customize your document titles with the current date, time or location, or any custom text.
  • No more ads, custom email signature.

Support us! We are self-funded and rely on your support to keep Genius Scan going.

This one-time purchase activates extra features within your app: it does not include a subscription to Genius Cloud, which is a separate service to back up and sync documents between devices.

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