How to transfer documents from another device

There are several ways to transfer scans between multiples devices or different versions of Genius Scan

Between Android devices

Automatic transfer with Genius Cloud

Sign up to Genius Cloud to get all your documents automatically synchronized between your devices.
Simply open the Genius Scan application and tap the "sync" button at the top: your documents will be transferred in both ways (to and from each application connected to your account) and backed up online.
Make sure that your devices have enough storage space before initating the synchronization. You can check the number of documents saved into your account at

Restore a manual backup

You can create a backup of your Genius Scan data on the device that stores your documents, and restore it on the phone where you want the document transferred.

To learn more, check out our tutorial.

From iOS

The only ways to have all scans transferred from iOS to Android at once is by logging into Genius Cloud on both devices. You can learn how to synchronize your devices in our Genius Cloud article.

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