Back up your documents

Because Genius Scan only stores documents on your device by default, we highly recommend to choose a backup option.

Having a copy of your important documents somewhere will help a great deal if your phone gets lost or stolen, or if someone accidentally uninstall Genius Scan.

Below are three ways to keep backups of your scans.

Automatic backup

You can keep all your scans backed up automatically to our servers with Genius Cloud.

This subscription service – available for a small fee – is made specifically for Genius Scan users to avoid the all-too-common losses of documents. After you purchase a monthly or yearly subscription, your scans will be backed up securely on our servers and synchronized between your devices. Genius Scan+ will also be enabled in your apps so you can enjoy all premium features.

To recover your documents, simply log into Genius Cloud within Genius Scan. You can also download them from at any time and from any computer.

Manual backups

You can create manual backups of your Genius Scan documents and settings. This generates a file that contains all your scans and settings, and that can be quickly restored in Genius Scan for Android.
Make sure to create backups regularly, and to keep them somewhere safe – either on a different device or in a remote storage service (e.g Google Drive).


You can have every new scan automatically exported to a third-party cloud service such as Dropbox or your own server.
Note you'll need to upgrade to Genius Scan+, and that multiple exports can be enabled at the same time.

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