Corrupt attachment when sending scans with Gmail

Update: This bug has been fixed in the latest version of Gmail for Android ( on March 30, 2018.
Please update the Gmail app and let us know if you need further help.

We have identified a bug in the Gmail app on Android 7.0 and above where attachments are received as empty or corrupt. It occurs when exporting documents from Genius Scan and choosing Gmail. We've reported this issue to Gmail team and are working with them to resolve it.

The bug happens when using a non-Google account, for example a Yahoo or Outlook email address or another IMAP email account.

As a workaround, here are a few different solutions to solve this issue:

  • Create new emails directly from Gmail app, tap the Attach button, open the left-pane menu and choose Genius Scan. You can now pick one or several documents that will be attached to your email as PDF.
  • Avoid adding text in the body of the email, it seems like it prevents the bug from happening.
  • Change the email address you send your email from to a email address if you have one. Unfortunately, another bug in Gmail prevents from changing the From email address when composing an email from another app. You need to remove all your email accounts on your device and add them back, starting with your Google account.
  • If you use another email app on your device, try using this one until Gmail fixes the bug.

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