How to back up & synchronize documents between devices?

Back up and synchronize your scans with Genius Cloud

Subscribe to Genius Cloud to have your Genius Scan files saved and synchronized between all your mobile devices.

To create an account:

  1. Tap the "sync" button in the navigation bar
  2. Tap on "I'm new to Genius Cloud"
  3. Choose between a monthly and a yearly subscription. Google Play will ask for a confirmation and handle the process.

You can then connect your other mobile devices to Genius Cloud – both iOS and Android: all your scans will be synchronized and automatically backed up to your account.

Your documents will be accessible in your online account at and can be downloaded as PDF. You can also restore all your scans on a new device by installing Genius Scan and connecting it to your account.

  Genius Scan+ will be enabled in all your Genius Scan applications right after you buy the monthly/yearly subscription.

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