Export a scan via email

Exporting a document via email with Genius Scan is very simple. You can do so by creating a new email, or by attaching it to an existing message.

Send your scan in a new message


Open the document you want to export. 

Tap the export button 
You can now export your document via email 
It is also possible to select another mail application (such as Gmail or Outlook) in the list of export option to send your documents with the app of your choice.

Attach your scan to an existing email


Open your Mail app

Open the side navigation menu, and select Genius Scan

Pick one of more scans you want to attach to your email and validate your selection

Customize your email settings

You can customize your email preferences with Genius Scan+, to set up a default email recipient and edit or remove the default email signature.

These settings can be changed in the Export section of the app Settings menu.

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