Create a multi-page PDF document

In Genius Scan, it is possible to create multi-page documents, so you can export them easier. You can either do it by using the Batch mode, or manually. 

Create a multi-page PDF document with the Batch Mode: 

The batch mode allows you to scan multiple pages and put them into the same document. 

Use the Camera button and select "Batch" mode
The number in the orange circle indicates the number of scans in the current batch. 


When you’re done scanning, tap on the checkmark at the bottom right to validate your batch of scans

A new document will be created with the scans you did in the batch

Create a multi-page PDF document from existing scans

Open a page you've already scanned
Tap the "Move to" button

You can move it to an existing document or create a new one. 

Repeat the operation as much as you want to create your multi-page PDF document.    

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